Training sessions take place on a Monday* and Wednesday evening, meeting at 18:30 at the Ivan Davis Pavilion in Wallace Park.  There is free car parking available at Wallace Park.

* Nov - Feb: Monday night training takes place in Wallace High School.

Training plan August - September 2019









If you would like further information on any of the sessions you can contact the club at or speak to a coach during a training session.


Our Head Coach is Adrian Daye.  Our other coaches are Paul Alister, Jonathan Davis and Michael Harris. They are assisted by our Leaders in Running Fitness:


  • Gillian Alister

  • Trevor Conn

  • David Davidson

  • Stephen Dunlop

  • Wilma Dunlop

  • Claire Hamill

  • Sinead Hamill

  • Brenda Harris

  • Jeff Hull

  • Stephen McCullough

  • Brendan McKenna

  • Colin Mooney

  • Ian Morrow

  • Sam Pinkney

  • Kathy Knox

  • Martina Rydout

  • Andrew Willis

  • Karen Wilton


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