2019 Points competition - Wallace Cup

Leader Board

After 9 events the Leader Board looks like this:

Female runners:

1. Fiona McFall, 122 pts

2. Fiona Dickson, 105 pts

3. Gillian Alister, 76 pts

Male runners:

1. Patrick Kerr, 111 pts

2. Andrew Willis, 97 pts

3. Eamon McCaighy, 90 pts

Next race is Crossgar 10k - 27 July 2019

So, how does this work?

There will be separate competitions for male and female runners with prizes for the top 3 in each category.

The competition is open to all club members with an emphasis on participation and fun. This year there are 15 races to choose from in the competition.

You do NOT need to do them all. Your best 8 races will count.

There are various ways of gaining points:

  1. You get 5 points for a Personal best (PB) even if it’s your first race at a certain distance.

  2. 10 further points awarded for finishing a race. 2 points are awarded for a DNF.

  3. Further points are awarded based on the WMA age grade tables. The higher your age grade percentage, the more points you will receive. For example, a 40 year old might finish a 10k slower than a 20 year old but the 40 year old might have performed better for their age. Think of it a bit like percentages awarded at parkrun depending on your finishing time and age. You can see the calculator we will be using here: https://runbundle.com/ tools/age-grading-calculator

  4. For each race, 10 points will be awarded to the person with the highest age grade percentages, 9 for the next and so on until those remaining each receive 1 point.

  5. In the event of a tie at the end of the competition, priority will be given to the runner with the highest number of PB points. If still even, then the highest number of age-grade points will be the decider.

  6. Top 3 points winners for male and female will get a prize at the end of the competition.


A points spreadsheet will be updated and shared after each run.


The following races will form the basis of the competition. A reminder that you do NOT need to compete in all the races. Only the points from your best 8 races will count. Please only enter a race distance that you are comfortable with.

  • Jimmy’s 10k (17th March)

  • Craic 10k (17th March)

  • Larne Half Marathon (23rd March)

  • Titanic 10k (31st March)

  • Queens 5k (3rd April)

  • Belfast Marathon (5th May)

  • Lisburn Half Marathon (19th June)

  • Lisburn 10k (19th June)

  • Sea2Sky (19th July)

  • Crossgar 10k (27th Jul)

  • Storming the Castle 10k (25th August)

  • Laganside 10k (1st September

  • Belfast Half Marathon (22nd September)

  • Dundrum Gr8 (19th October)

  • parkrun (Date TBC)


  1. Chip times will be used (where available) to calculate % age grading.

  2. For the parkrun the age grading results from the parkrun will be used.

  3. A PB counts if it is quicker than a previous PB since February 2017.

  4. You do not have to enter every race. Only the points from your best 8 races will count.

  5. The onus is on you to let us know if you got a PB or if you ran under another name.

  6. Note, this year we are not having a “joker” race.

There is a separate competition for male and female members with prizes awarded for the top three in each competition.  

Points are awarded for race participation, getting a personal best (PB) and performance in relation to your age category. 

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