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Club Awards 2019

Our 2019 Annual Awards and Christmas party was held this year in Lisnagarvey Hockey Club on 7 December 2019. Congratulations to all our winners who were presented with their awards by Club Chairman Brendan McKenna. 


Female Runner of the Year - Karen Wilton           Male runner of the year - Stephen McCullough










Most improved female: Debbie McConnell                  Most improved male: Chris Lawlor



                            Wallace Cup points competition: Female award






1st: Fiona McFall                                           2nd: Fiona Dickson                                    3rd: Nicola White



                                         Wallace Cup points competition: Male award








1st: Patrick 'PK' Kerr                                      2nd: Andrew Willis                              3rd: Eamon McCaighy

You can find out more about the Wallace Cup here.



Female club member of the year - Brenda Harris

Male club member of the year - Michael Harris 

London Marathon 2020 draw winners - Tim Haslett and Michael Moorhead

We also took the opportunity to present Joe Stewart with his medal from Athletics Ireland in recognition of his 2nd place age category (75+) at this year’s Dublin Marathon.























Karen Wilton - female runner of the year
Stephen McCullough - male runner of the
Debbie McConnell - most improved female.
Chris Lawlor - most imnproved male.jpg
Fiona McFall - 1st Wallace Cup.jpg
Fiona Dickson 2nd Wallace Cup.jpg
Nicola White 3rd Wallace Cup.jpg
Patrick Kerr 1st Wallace Cup.jpg
Andrew Willis 2nd Wallace Cup.jpg
Eamon McCaighy- 3rd Wallace Cup.jpg
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